Information About the Watermaster Pump and Parts

Larger Fuel Tank

A larger gas tank can be used with the WATERMASTER Floating, Self Priming Pump. A (9 - 22.7 L) (2 to 5 Imp. gallon) ( 2.4 - 6 U.S. gallon) tank can be placed on shore with a gravity fed hose connected to the carburetor on the engine. The existing gas tank will have to be disconnected to connect the new fuel line.


  • Change transmission oil at the beginning of every season in case of condensation build up.
  • For engine maintenance refer to the Engine Operator’s Manual.

NOTE: We have found that if you change the oil in the engine every 6 to 8 hours, you should increase the life of your engine. If you use a larger fuel tank it should be sized to operate the engine no more than 8 hours so you can change the oil when you refuel.


When you are storing the WATERMASTER Pump drain the fuel tank, oil the carburetor linkage and put oil into the cylinder head of the engine.


Trouble Shooting

Pump does not sit level in water. Twisted hose At the pump, turn the hose in the direction the pump is leaning
Leaky hose Pin holes or tear in hose Repair with patching tape
Hose bursting at pump Too high a lift Double up hose at pressure points up to 30 meters (100 ft.) or more
Milky coloured oil coming out of transmission Seal failure on transmission Replace seal
Engine is hard to start Carburator not set properly See engine manual

  Fouled spark plug See engine manual and use unleaded gas