Product Description

WATERMASTER Floating, Self Priming Pump is the lightweight, reliable self-priming pump that floats. It has a heavy duty 5.5 HP, 4 cycle engine and a 4 to 1 reduction. The screw on 31.75 cm (12.5 in) impeller and gear will not slip off. We have found that push fit impellers slip off. The large inlets and specially designed impeller allows the pump to easily handle almost any liquid from water to sludge. The WATERMASTER Floating, Self Priming Pump pumps a 9.14 m (30 ft.) head, 914.4 m (3000 feet) on the level and 3183 L (700 Imp. gallons) /minute or (841 U.S gallons) /minute.


  • drain flooded land including sloughs, swamps and potholes
  • fill dugouts
  • pump water for trickle irrigation – special soaker hose available for irrigation
  • dryout construction
  • access water for fire fighting
  • drain or irrigate golf courses
  • protect industrial sites from flooding
  • drain oilfield sites
  • aerate dugouts, ponds and lakes

The Package

You get everything you need when you purchase the WATERMASTER Floating, Self Priming Pump:

  • Pump with 5.5 HP heavy duty industrial motor (OHV)
  • 1- Hose – 15.24 cm (6 in.) diameter x 121.92 m (400 ft)
  • 1- O-Ring
  • 1- Roll patching tape

Hydraulic Drive Option

We also offer the option to go with a hydraulic drive.

The hydraulic motor that we use only requires 23L (5 Imp. gallons) or (6 U.S. gallons) per min. of oil.

The design that we have is very user friendly and requires minimal setup and maintenance.

Manual and Parts

WATERMASTER Floating, Self Priming Pump is fully warrantied – and since we know that sometimes, our customers like to make their adjustments while they work, for your convenience, we uploaded the WATERMASTER Floating, Self Priming Pump manual and photos right here.

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